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Caedraw roundabout Consultation Response

How would you like to see the pedestrian provision improved?

We had 271 responses to this question.

Do you have any additional comments to make regarding Caedraw Roundabout?

We had 211 responses to this question.

Our response

We would like to thank the 323 of you who took the time to provide feedback on your experiences in this area of Caedraw. It is clear that there are improvements needed in the area for both vehicles and pedestrians.

The objective of the Active Travel Team is to increase modal shift and the number of people travelling actively. We do this by introducing appropriate infrastructure that facilitates a safer environment.

Transport emissions are one of the biggest contributors to our current climate crisis. We can all play our part in tackling climate change and improving air quality by reducing the number of small journeys we do in our vehicles.

Active Travel is also good for personal wellbeing, helping us meet 150 mins a week of physical activity which is hugely important in maintaining overall health.

The Active Travel team are keen to take on the requests to improve pedestrian provision in this area, however we understand that this area is congested. As an authority, we will be considering the introduction of safer measures at this roundabout. We acknowledge that traffic management is required in the area, to avoid further congestion so we will also consider traffic improvements, to avoid stacking that block exits for example. We will also look at this holistically and consider the whole of town in these proposals.

We have bid for funding through the Welsh Government Active Travel fund to facilitate proposals that consider a number of options in this area. If the funding bid is successful, we will share the proposals on this website and via our social media channels.